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Success by Babatunde Motunrayo

There is always a way to enjoy every provision God has made for you in his word. If you must enter into it, you must do it his way. You can’t push God’s method of doing it aside and expect to get quality results.
The principles clearly stand

  • Speak the word
  • Meditate on the word
  • Do the word
    Success is God’s will for all believers, but it is obvious that not all Christians are successful. Many are as unsuccessful as a failure today, yet it is God’s will for them to be conspicuously successful.
    Success is not auto. it will not fall like a ripe mango fruit on your lap.
    Success is what God is willing for us and over since he sent satan down the earth, satan created three access points to man because he does not want any man to succeed in life these three access points are
  • Covenant
  • Disobedience
  • Ignorance
    and out of all these covenant is the most effective: which is why if we want to succeed in life we must stay away from all of these especially the covenant.

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